• SALI was registered as an NGO in Sudan in 2017. Its mandate is to support local NGOs to be efficient, development-oriented, and financially self-dependent through a structured capability development program that delivers sustainable public services guided by evidence and applied research.
• The organization is managed through two levels:
1. SALI General Assembly, the highest governing body composed of public health consultants, medical specialists, experts in
humanitarian field and business men; it is responsible for the overall programs of leadership and provides the most senior level of decision-making regarding the future strategies of the model and its expansion in other countries.
2. SALI Executive Team: responsible for planning and managing the SALI projects
• SALI Consultants’ platform: SALI has a number of affiliated consultants and volunteers. SALI has a network of practitioners and policymakers from Sudan and the region. They share knowledge and experience through participation in capacity building, consultancies and research. SALI platform is open for all specialists and experts. In order to be part of the SALI network just fill the attached form, attach your curriculum vitae and identify the area of your expertise.